NutNet (Nutrient Network)

We are participating in a large, collaborative nutrient addition project called the Nutrient Network (NutNet) organized by Drs. Elizabeth Borer and Eric Seabloom. The purpose of this international project is to assess the general factors that drive community processes in herbaceous-dominated ecosystems. Nutrient additions (N, P, and K) and grazing exclosures were implemented beginning in 2008 in order to assess top-down (consumer) vs. bottom-up (nutrient) controls in these systems. We have set up two sites in Kentucky that contribute data to this endeavor: one in a managed pasture (dominated by cool-season, non-native species) located here in Lexington, and a second in at Hall’s Prairie, a restored native warm-season grassland in western KY. We monitor tall fescue endophyte infection frequencies at the mananged grassland site, and levels of seed predation by rodents at both sites in addition to the full suite of NutNet measurements (biomass, species composition, light availability, etc.). Jim Nelson is the primary contact for this project.


Recent Manuscripts
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