Publications from the McCulley Lab

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 Indicates corresponding author. * Indicates a graduate or undergraduate student from the McCulley lab or who worked closely with the lab to obtain the data presented. ® Indicates a postdoc, research associate, or visiting scientist associated with my lab.  IF = 2014 ISI JCR Impact Factor of the journal. For comparison, IF for ecology journals (n=144) range from <1 to 16, with the average being ~1.84 in 2014.  Total citation count for individual articles are provided where possible (as reported in Google Scholar on July 2, 2015).

 A)    Refereed Journal Articles

70) Derner, J.D., A.J. Smart, T.P. Toombs, D. Larsen, R.L. McCulley, J. Goodwin, S. Sims, and L.M. Roche. In Press. Soil health as a transformation change agent for U.S. grazing lands management. Rangeland Ecology & Management.


69) Rounsaville, T.J.†, C.C. Baskin, E.A. Roualdes, R.L. McCulley, and M.A. Arthur. In Press. Seed dynamics of the liana Euonymus fortune and implications for invasibility. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society.


68) Kalosa-Kenyon, E. *, L.C. Slaughter†*, J.A. Rudgers, and R.L. McCulley. 2018. Asexual Epichloë endophytes do not consistently alter arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization in three grasses. American Midland Naturalist 179:157-165.


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62) Slaughter, L.C. *† and R.L. McCulley. 2016. Aboveground Epichloë coenophiala – grass associations do not affect belowground fungal symbionts or associated plant, soil parameters. Microbial Ecology 72: 682-691. IF=3.232. Citations: 0


61) Guo, J.*, R.L. McCulley, T.D. Phillips, and D.H. McNear, Jr†. 2016. Fungal endophyte and tall fescue cultivar interact to differentially effect bulk and rhizosphere soil processes governing C and N cycling. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 101:165-174. IF=4.152. Citations: 0


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